Aimed at
Transforming miscreants (popularly called Area Boys and Girls) to becoming productive and responsible citizens in the society.
Rehabilitate and Reintegrate Our overall objective is to reforming lives and adding value to the society We are here to a Serve


We aspire to take 500 thousand youths off the streets of Nigeria in the next 10 years. This shall be done incrementally with intentional attention turned on the most vulnerable segment of society, including the girl, the orphan, the young woman, and people with disabilities. We target real people and will engender real, measurable changes in real-time.


To change lives, give opportunities to the underprivileged and in the long run, make our society safe for people, investment, and tourism. In this wise, we will engender sustainable economic activities for the growth of our society.


Undertake the training and orientation that our Academy Mates require to inspire them to the apex of their potential and legitimate ambitions. We provide the platform; they give expression to their inherent skills, talents, and aptitudes. It’s a partnership that benefits all.

Inspire Me, initiated by Araola Olamuyiwa the legendary pioneer professional Nigerian Female talking drummer, also known as Àrà is a platform that diligently seeks out young adults, commonly referred to as street urchins, miscreants and ‘Area Boys (and Girls).
What We Do

We Inspire andBuild.

A sharp departure from waiting on the government to single-handedly reform the society  Inspire Me plans to work with the government as well as individuals, in partnership with willing and discerning corporate organizations, social entrepreneurs, charitable individuals and NGOs, determined to lead positive transformation, one individual at a time.

Ultimately, such a union will further cement the truth in the African adage that it takes a society to raise a child.

Overall Objective and Goal

Objectives and Goals.

Inspire Me will achieve the overall objective of reforming lives and adding value to society through the careful, creative mix and rigorous pursuit of our cardinal goals; the 4Rs.

Reorientation             Reinforcement

Rehabilitation            Reintegration